Unfinished Thoughts

I saw a man today, who seemed to know the answers
But all he really knew, was that no one truly does
An alarm rang out; I didn’t know what it was for
I walked on amid the din and noise and buzz

She is colour, she is light and she is life
Undimmed she is the star that guides my night
Unfinished thoughts race through my head



Electric Dreams defy the wild wind
Held within the cabin it distracts the ear
The course is altered but controlled
Hands steady on the wheel, direction clear
This day began before the children rose
And exercised the body and the mind
Progress, for what it’s worth, has been maintained
Now homeward bound I drive along the line

Creations of the day fill empty spaces
The floor is now a thing that is unseen
Imagination, still a wonder to behold
Comes across young minds just like a dream
The simple comforts can be more satisfying
As the day draws to a close by TV light
The fight with sleep is lost in all key battles
We surrender to the warm embrace of night

A False Start

A shimmer over water
Is broken by a stone’s splash
What lies beneath is shrouded
Like Pompeii

A recollection of yesterday
The same, is not apparent
To write with perfect vision
Shall start today